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in response to the update… 



The entire homestuck fandom right now


i lost the heart to finish it (you know when someone just interrupts your arting when you’re in the zone? U_U’)



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why the hell would she turn evil


okay I’m not even done reading the update yet but this…


he has no tongue

I don’t know how he was able to talk to young Handmaid, but

I’m calling it. he’s like Kurloz. he can scream, but can’t speak, because he cut off his own tongue

…on a related note, do any other homestuck fans listen to Mastodon?


badge of honor 4 your blog


srsly we should have expected them to endlessly go around in circles.

look at all of that Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff-related shit they just alchemized.

they’re not gonna stop skipping around…




also so much secondhand embarrassment for dirk right now jesus dick


that took longer than I thought it would

but look I actually finished something I said I would do. this is what progress looks like

drawing Jane and Jake tricksters screaming at each other while having sexual relations on a rainbow, brb


I’m not gonna lie here, because I’m sure someone out there is legitimately offended by the update right now

the problem with Homestuck is that it’s not designed to have a large, serious fanbase. I think there’s something we agree on, and it’s that this comic is fucking stupid. Yes, there are shipping feelings and good characterization and a TRUCKLOAD of feelings. But there’s also kids being named funny things and fake arms and one of the kids sprites is a fucking cat eldrich princess doll, come on you guys

And I think the best thing about Homestuck is that it can always return to how silly that is! You can think it’s all serious and WOW THE PLOT THICKENS and then all of a sudden we get a big, rainbow “CAUCASIAN!” sign to remind us that this is a dumb comic at it’s core. It is a silly story about some kids who play a game!

I think what I’m saying is that if you take Homestuck too seriously, you miss out on the best part. It’s not meant to be a serious comic; it’s a funny comic with serious elements. Reading Homestuck is like riding a rollercoaster. If you spend every second you’re on it analyzing the next part, or making tons of noise about how you hate what’s happening at the moment, you’re ruining the experience for yourself and everyone around you. Wouldn’t it just be more fun for everyone if you just enjoyed the ride?


upd8 fanart

So today we got a whole lot of these:

That’s the actual gif, but for better clarity, here’s a screen cap.

I say, that sure is a lot of As. I wonder how many there could be!

Why, there are eleven of them. Eleven As! Golly, there sure is something familiar about THAT.

Well wouldja LOOK AT THIS, she says “Jake” eleven times! Fancy that!

GEE. I wonder if there’s eleven of anything else???


Okay, that last one is twelve. But considering the pattern, it’s probably just a typo. (If anything, it’s a reference to 612, but I doubt it.)

But golly. Where have we seen this kind of quirk before?

This juju obviously has a very deep connection to the cherubs, one that goes beyond them merely having had it in their possession. It’s deep enough to give the Trickster version of anyone some characteristics of the cherubs themselves.


okay this update is fantastic but

caliborn looks HAPPY

that’s making me nervous, guys

he really looked happy for once that is FUCKED UP, MAN




also look at the site, those are Zillyhoo Z’s. I’m pretty damn sure the Zillium grist Jane keeps dropping is needed to make the original Warhammer of Zillyhoo. if I recall correctly, we STILL don’t know the origins of that thing.

also also, apparent confirmation for:

  • Squiddles = Trickster Horrorterrors
  • Lil Cal = Trickster Cherubs

anyway I’m gonna go play this over and over again until I pass out yeee


so I guess she just did a…

lifey… thing. except, a different lifey thing.

(dang, thats a lot of zillium or whatever it’s called)